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PRO training is Dewesoft's learning platform, created for all measurement professionals and those who would like to become one. Learn how to use DEWESoft, measure signals, process and analyze data in a single place.

Enter Dewesoft's learning database and collect stars, that will swing you among Dewesoft's specialists on different levels. Your effort will be awarded by receiving a special Dewesoft PRO training T-shirt with a star for every 10 finished courses.

And what's the best ... it's free of charge! Start today.

PRO Training topics


Learn how to connect Dewesoft data acquisition hardware, set up triggers, synchronize data, use database storing, export data, make sequences, review data files etc.

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Learn basics of measuring different signals like voltage and current, temperature, vibration, strain, counter, frequency and become master of signal conditioning.

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Learn how to process and analyse data in Dewesoft x using basic and advanced math modules. Replay files, export data, learn how to make reports, etc.

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Learn how to extend Dewesoft with your own modules. Write modules in C++, using the latest state of the art technologies. If you need just an easy scripting approach or a more in-depth solution this section is for you.

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Newest courses

Advanced custom plugin development in C++

Do you have a device and want to insert the data into the Dewesoft on your own? This pro tutorial will teach you how to smooth the signals, minimise the clock drift, and how to make your device the clock provider. By finishing this course you will be a step closer to becoming the plugin master.

Basic custom plugin development in C++

Wouldn't it be great to be able to extend Dewesoft on your own? With a little help of C++ and our new feature C++ Plugin is now possible developing your own plugins, testing new things whenever and wherever you want, setting your own boundaries and designing custom GUI. Finish this course and try yourself in advanced topics.

C++ Script

You might know how simple it is to extend Microsoft's Office tools with Visual Basic for Applications; C++ Script allows you to extend Dewesoft in a similar fashion. Using intuitive abstractions in modern C++ you can develop your own custom Math modules, without ever having to leave Dewesoft.

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